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Email :   Phone or text : 07876682348

Email :   Phone or text : 07876682348


Morning ½ day (up to 3 shows) £275

Afternoon ½ day (up to 2 shows) £275

Full Day (up to 6 shows) £400

Additional shows £100  per show

Evening shows £150 p/h (if following a day show - up to 2 shows)

Evening shows £260 (if a stand alone shows - up to 2 shows)

Mileage (after 50 miles from our base north of Derby) 40p per mile.

Weekend events

½ day (up to 4 shows) £350

Full day (up to 8 shows) £500

We do not charge VAT

* from Sept 1st 2018

Light & Dark Stories from the Skies The Greeks The Egyptians Earth, Sun & Moon Man in Space The Mayans Are We Alone Our Beautiful Earth Back to the Moon Cell Cell Cell  Solar System and Beyond The edge of the Solar System Earth in Space & Seasons Our Beautiful Earth Are We Alone Back to the Moon Cell Cell Cell  Red Shift & Big Bang Life Cycle of Stars Cell Cell Cell  Our Place in the Universe The edge of the Solar System

ALL our shows (KS1 by arrangement) include time looking at the stars around the time of the show.

All shows are customisable (please ask).

The average time for a show is 35-45 min.

Earth Sun and Moon shows include a trip through the Solar System.


We can create a custom show on most Astronomy topics. If they can be added to our catalogue we do not charge either!

We need a few months notice in order to source and create material for such shows/

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Mobile Planetarium shows for Schools

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