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Add the WOW factor to your lessons &

Stimulate your students with a visit to your school

Booking a Mobile Planetarium for your school or groups is a fantastic way to both increase learning and student participation in science lessons, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional museum visit, and without the hassle of organising a school trip. Our Mobile Planetarium will come to YOUR school, set up within 45 min's, and give you the shows YOU want at times YOU want them, each show can accommodate a full class of up to 35(ish).

on school floor level, no inflatable entry system)!

 MOST OF ALL we are flexible and work WITH you to meet YOUR requirements!

We Offer a huge variety of unique shows covering most aspects of the SPACE SCIENCE components of the curriculum, as well as pure WOW shows.  By creating our own shows (we do NOT buy ‘stock’ shows), we can edit and adapt to changes in both science and the curriculum fast! Using the highest quality REAL images possible. Video is on a 5x3m ‘video wall’ inside the dome, and quality is FULL 1080p HD, with full audio soundtrack.

We always encourage questions when time permits.

Primary School Mobile Planetarium shows from Reception to Yr6.

Secondary School Mobile Planetarium Shows from Yr7 to A level.

Special Educational Needs are covered by our experienced presenters (we provide equipment for signing if needed).

As well as other more general shows for ‘fun days’ and suitable for School Fetes and other groups.

Most shows include time looking at the stars as they go around above your head.

Our Presenter is Enhanced DBS checked, Equipment is Pat Tested and we carry £10m PLI.

We do not use fully ‘immersive ‘360’’ video, many people find it disorientating in a 6m Dome environment as the projections are ‘too close, whizzing past you’. Instead we invested in the largest traditional projection system available.

Why Choose us?

We have been running Mobile Planetarium shows for Schools for over 18 years, We have given over 6000 shows to over 500 schools during this time...We know what we are doing! Over 200,000 people have seen our shows.

We have 98.5% satisfaction rate (no one is perfect) from our clients, in regular feedback surveys.

We have given shows in the Middle East (as chosen representatives of the International Astronomical Union, have given shows here in the UK for the BBC on many occasions, including the 40th anniversary of The Sky at Night.

You are in safe hands with us!

We do not ask for ANY up front payments...EVER.


Mobile Planetarium shows for Schools


Huge Screen Size (up to 5m x 3m)

Our Dome is EASY ACCESS! No crawling through tunnels, or fighting through inflated entrances, we just unzip and you walk in.

Dome capacity is 25-35 (depending on age) as you sit (or lie down) on the floor. All this makes for a more, flexible Disabled, walking stick and Wheelchair friendly experience.


2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the first Moon landing.

On July 20th 1969 Neil Armstrong made his first famous step onto the Lunar surface.

To Celebrate this event AURIGA Astronomy will be releasing a new Show from April featuring the Moon landings called ‘From Earth To The Moon’.

BOOK EARLY, once people realise the significance of this anniversary, we will get book up FAST for June and July.

Contact us TODAY to secure you visit and celebrate Man’s first journey to another world.

Call 07876 682348 Today!

Where do we operate:

We cover the whole of the mainland UK from the South Scotland to Cornwall. These are the main places we regularly go to from our Derbyshire base.

We have also worked with the Royal School for the Deaf to create a unique way of signing in the planetarium, click here for details on our signing shows

Click on the link for our local pages